Posted by: ahallatt | April 13, 2008


Friday was a brainstorming day for me. I got myself a great spot in the city library, at a table overlooking a tree and the street life below (watching the world go by, like walking in the hills, seems to help the cogs turn. The New Brighton library is even better, with a fantastic line of comfy chairs that face towards the pier and the surfers. Actually, that can be almost too distracting, as I watch the surfers take their chances weaving through the pier supports.) and managed to churn out about a dozen or so AC ideas, most of which will make the cut to be sent to BB on Wednesday. But as I was watching TV tonight, I heard one of my ideas (involving gasoline worn as expensive cologne) in a movie trailer, and not for a good movie either (a Will Ferrell offering). So another one bites the dust. Lucky it wasn’t a favourite in the batch. Lucky it wasn’t the one about the slow food movement.

New Brighton Library



  1. That’s about the nicest library I’ve ever seen; would that our local branch had such a view. And the slow food idea sounds good, so I’ll watch to see what form it takes.

    I can never brainstorm anywhere scenic, or where there’s anything too interesting going on. Doing mundane stuff, brushing teeth, washing dishes, walking up stairs, etc. works fine, but anything more glamorous and I get dazzled.

  2. I used to be that way until I worked at the Brighton Argus. For two years, between 5pm and 7pm I sat next to the editor and brainstormed furiously as things became frantic approaching the deadline for sending stuff to the pages. Now I can think up ideas just about anywhere, though a change of scene seems to help. The only exception I can think of is a room with a TV in it. TVs destroy ideas. Which happens to be another rough for the week, actually…

  3. My library looks across to the back of an auto dealership…no surfers just trade-ins

  4. I used to go to our university library to write but they wouldn’t let me take my coffee with me so that ended pretty quick.

  5. I’m like Richard – only more restricted. I need silence, no distracting views and I can’t even really walk around or do anything. Basically, I’m comatose in an upright position when I brainstorm.

    Love the new Blog, btw!

  6. I wish I had some insight into how to get ideas. I agree with Richard that any distraction just sets my mind all a tizzy and I can’t get anything done. Put me in my studio, staring at blank wall, with no distractions, and that’s the only way for anything of worth to come out of the pen. God help me if one of our three beloved cats strolls in or if there’s an interesting bird at the feeder or if Gordon Ramsey or Galactica is on TV or f I discover a new blog!

    The muse is easily distracted!

    A public thanks to Sandra Bell Lundy for letting me know about your blog, Alex!

  7. I’m waiting for the technology that will allow me to record my dreams. And the ideas that come as I’m just drifting off to sleep. I have tried writing these down, but they seem to get lost in translation. “Menacing ants in comfy shoes” doesn’t mean anything to me when I read it in the morning…

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