Posted by: ahallatt | April 14, 2008

How Green Am I?

When people ask me how environmentally friendly I am, I have to say a light shade of green. If there is a choice (between driving or walking, composting or chucking in landfill, taking a bag or walking out of a shop with a precariously balanced load of groceries thanks to  having forgotten my canvas bags again…) I go for the green one. But I have my weaknesses.

I like baths and after a long tiring tramp, a shower just isn’t going to cut it. I reuse paper at home, but have been sending out mailouts on pristine copy paper (must find a good source of recycled that I can print onto). And fish. I love fish. Especially tuna, the way it gets cooked at my boyfriend’s restaurant. Oh my.

So I could do better. Fortunately NZ has some great seafood, much of which you can gather yourself (mussels from the beach are a particular favourite and I even caught some Blue Cod, which was stunning. Though I have to confess I had to let a boy cosh it and gut it.).


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