Posted by: ahallatt | April 17, 2008


Treehugger is running a piece about the King Features cartoons which are going green for Earth Day on April 22nd. 46 King cartoonists have done an Earth Day cartoon and Patrick Mc Donnell and I have done environmentally-themed cartoons for the whole week.

I’ve talked to Bloomberg News and USA Today this week about King’s Earth Day efforts. The Bloomberg interview lasted about half an hour. I was off the phone after 5 minutes with USA today. It’ll be interesting to see what they print… I so hope I said the right things!

Oh, and as an added bonus, if you go to the Treehugger article and click the King Digital link at the bottom, you get to see current King Features comics for free and vote for them too!



  1. Very cool, I didn’t even know about your blog. I will write that letter to my local newsprint. But I doubt it will help they rarely ever change the line-up. They’re stuck in a rut. Sad, they (Editors) and a majority of the staff really dig my material but are afraid of change. I will send it though as a fellow cartoonist to promote the artform.

  2. Thanks, MJ!

  3. Love the new blog Alex. Those popup snapshot link thingys are pretty cool.
    I am so jealous of your local library too. No wonder you get a dozen or so ideas out in one go. My local coffee shops are full of screaming babies. Had to get out and go for a long walk instead this week.
    Thanks for the Bearskin Rug post. What a very wise guy.
    Happy Earth Day!

  4. They mentioned the King Features Earth Day strips on my local NPR station, and Arctic Circle by name. I said Yay! I hope you heard.

  5. That’s what that was: I thought that was tinnitus.

    Yay II

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