Posted by: ahallatt | April 28, 2008

Simple Takes Longer

Sometimes I wish I had a style like Quentin Blake or Richard Thompson. Rapid-fire lines drawn fast and loose. I was thinking this as I was talking shop to Gary Clark yesterday.

Gary is the cartoonist for Swamp, a cartoon strip I admired long before I moved to the antipodes and joined the Australian Cartoonists Association. He likes my drawing style, but I expressed frustration at how difficult I find it, how I am really working to keep improving the art.

“Simple takes longer” Gary said.

Aint that the truth….


  1. He is so right, five perfect lines are harder than 20 near-perfect lines. Zenny, huh? But thanks, Alex.

  2. Yup, simplicity of line is really tough – and only the really good ones are capable of doing it 🙂

    It ties in with your thoughts about endurance being the key to improvement and in keeping on, keeping on. But hey, who am I preaching to, you are a syndicated comic artist!

  3. Hey, nice to hear from you Matt, but syndication is just the start… If I survive 3 years and keep on improving, I’ll be happy.

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