Posted by: ahallatt | June 15, 2008


I’d love to build an eco home some day, though most of the time it is more environmentally friendly to retrofit an existing building with insulation, solar water heating, double-glazing, etc. I love the idea of a green roof, something that is taking off on the corporate level in the US (even the Ford building has one), but it did make me wonder how you maintain it.

Yes, it is amazing that grass can grow in the Arctic Circle, but there is a microclimate going on in Snowpeak and Hector was losing a lot of heat out of the roof of that building (which is why you never see snow settling on his buildings).


  1. soo i love your page.
    but i was wondering how you got your badge on here-im trying to put it on mine, but wordpress wont do it.

  2. I put in a text widget that comes with this theme. I then pasted the HTML for the 350 challenge badge into that widget.

    good luck!

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