Posted by: ahallatt | July 2, 2008

Sustainably Drank

A couple of glasses of Victorian Sangiovese red wine at last night’s Melbourne Sustainability Drinks. Amazing turnout: a room full of people (but Melbourne does have a population almost as big as the whole of New Zealand). I chatted to a handful, all of whom seemed well-informed. I did wonder though, whether some of the attendees were there just to pick people up: there was a guy at the bar who must have talked to (and taken the number of?) at least 4 women in the time I saw him operating…

Melbourne does seem to be ahead of New Zealand in its move towards sustainability. There is a lot more recycling in public places (as well as kerbside), very necessary water conservation and supermarkets have taken the plastic bag reduction idea seriously, rather than paying lip service to it (In NZ, I would often see bags being given when people bought one item, even if it was one of those plastic bottles of milk that comes with the handle!)

click image to enlarge


  1. Hi Alex,
    interesting perspective on the sustainability drinks, don’t know about the picking up part tough….

    Really liked the cartoon, Osacr is definitely my favourite !
    Hope you have settled in by now,
    see you next drinks I suppose !

  2. You bet!

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