Posted by: ahallatt | July 12, 2008


I try to avoid using chemicals on the garden, but the only time I’m ever tempted is when slugs and snails invade, eat my lettuce and leave slime trails on everything else. But those blue slug pellets can’t be good, right? Anything blue has to be suspect (even blueberries are on the purple side).

My mum liked this cartoon and emailed me to say “Pa has inadvertently  found that the Oatly containers work as a slug trap! caught 3 in one container = trinity!” I’ll have to email her back and ask what an Oatly container is…


click to see bigger slugs

click to see bigger slugs


  1. Hi! Like your blog! I agree-blue things really don’t seem too organic. But, you can use some crunched up old eggshells around your plants. The slugs don’t like crunchy dry stuff. Some people I know cut little collars out of old liter soda cans by cutting top and bottom off. The slugs can’t get over the collar because it is too sharp. Kitty litter and wood ash are other things I have heard of. Cheers, Diane Tucker, Estate Naturalist, Hill-Stead Museum, Farmington, CT

    • Thanks Diane – I like the idea of the collars as that will also protect my seedlings from the wind we’ve been having.

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