Posted by: ahallatt | July 21, 2008

Eat Local

This was written before I moved to Melbourne. Melbourne is a foodie’s paradise, but it doesn’t have the farmers market that Lyttelton has. The Lyttelton Farmers Market made it easy to buy food sourced from within a 100 miles as it is on every week (unlike the monthly St Kilda market that is the closest to me now) and has enough variety to allow you to buy food that will feed you until the next market comes around. 


click for larger image

click for larger image

However, I am lucky to now live near the Tennyson Road shops, which include a great bakery, an organic produce store and (rapidly becoming my regular Sunday evening haunt) The King of Tonga bar. There’s also a coin laundry, but I’m enjoying using the one on Brighton Road which is next to a cafe with wi-fi. You can live without a washing machine and still be civilised…


  1. Have you heard of the collingwood farmers market in melbourne its apparently very large and about 10 km from you.

  2. Thanks, Cathy

    Is that weekly? I had heard of it and will be checking it out at some point, though it will be a bit more of a cycle ride (I’m living in Elwood).

  3. Loved this one…who knew polar bears could be funny?!
    I still laugh at the one with the couple adopting him…good stuff!

  4. Polar bears, vacuum cleaners… there are no limits to funny (printable, yes, but no limits to funny).

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