Posted by: ahallatt | August 3, 2008

100% Yum


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Plenty of fish in the sea: click to see a larger cartoon

Yes, finding a decent partner is as tricky as finding the right fish to eat. I love tuna, but am very aware of the fact it is not sustainably fished and that, being a top predator (yes, Dale, this is true, it is called bioaccumulation), it has high levels of mercury, which is only good if you are a thermometer. But oily fish is so good for you because of the omega 3, vitamin D, etc etc…What a quandry!

So, I have turned to sardines. I’m sure that eating them is bad for the planet (let’s face it: there are just too many of us to be good for the planet, whatever we eat!) in some way, but they are more plentiful than tuna and, being lower down the food chain, lower in mercury. And they taste great: hurrah! But (as my good friend, Dale has found to his cost), it is a lot easier to get someone else to gut/bone the fish for you, or just eat the little ones out of the cans.


  1. Shut up!
    I was simply questioning whether it was an absolute fact. I think the comment that raised my eyebrow was that larger fish have more mercury. A bit of research revealed that while a reasonable guide, this isn’t necessarily true. It depends on their diet. eg. Orange Roughy have very high mercury, yet are much smaller than salmon, which are relatively low mercury. It is in my nature to question things, especially when Alex says them…

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