Posted by: ahallatt | August 7, 2008

Hypocritical, me?

“Yes.” being the short answer, as, though I try to reduce the impact I have on the planet, I am no environmental angel. 

The reason for this post? I’m a regular reader of George Monbiot and today’s column made me feel better about my hypocrisy.

Sure, we are hypocrites. Every one of us, almost by definition. Hypocrisy is the gap between your aspirations and your actions. Greens have high aspirations – they want to live more ethically – and they will always fall short. But the alternative to hypocrisy isn’t moral purity (no one manages that), but cynicism. Give me hypocrisy any day.

I hope that last night’s speaker at Melbourne Sustainability Drinks read this too. I asked him whether he gained things, that could not have been gained via videoconference and the internet, by flying from Australia to Europe to research sustainability.

Flying for environmental reasons is probably the most hypocritical action of all greenies.

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