Posted by: ahallatt | September 22, 2008

Saving Clean Drinking Water


Short showers save water and power.

Short showers save water and power.

 Because Melbourne is in the middle of a drought, we are urged to conserve water. I swim at a wonderful outdoor pool in Albert Park and signs up in the changing rooms suggest a two minute shower. There are other signs up that ask you to go further and take a one minute shower, but you must have to be an athlete to do this, as it is all I can do to lather up and rinse in the 2 minutes. Maybe we should be going bald to save on hair-washing and save the planet….


water-saving showerhead

water-saving showerhead



I’ve also exchanged my showerhead for a water-saving one (provided free by the council), which I am in the process of installing. I do like my baths though and assuage my guilt by using the grey water for doing my leftover laundry, etc (I don’t have a washing machine. Today is laundry day, when I go up to the laundrette and enjoy a read of The Age and a coffee whilst my clothes go round.)

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