Posted by: ahallatt | October 30, 2008

Looking Forward to My Bokashi Bin

I went to a Sustainable Gardening Workshop at the weekend. It was held at the community gardens in Port Melbourne and it was very informative and inspiring. The speaker, Elspeth was great fun and there was a good crowd (many of whom came along to Wednesday’s Sustainable Living At Home evening, most of whom were motivated by the offer of a free compost bin/worm farm/bokashi bin, I suspect. As I was, though I have to say SLAH has been much better than I expected, with a wealth of take-home messages as well as sustainable living goodies – this session scored a shower timer and an indigenous plant, among other things.). It is amazing what gets grown in the plots considering that veggie gardeners are restricted to when they can use mains water (and commercial growers aren’t…grrrr…..).

I already have a compost bin of sorts (wooden box with the back removed and hinged, which sits on the small patch of earth in my courtyard), but it has attracted fruit flies. They don’t bother me now, but they will when and if my tomatoes and strawberries ripen, so I have ordered some eco-friendly fruit fly control. We’ll see.

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