Posted by: ahallatt | November 27, 2008

The Stanleys 2008

I returned this week from the annual shin-dig of the Aussie Cartoonists Association, The Stanleys Weekend. It was held up in Coffs Harbour and since there was a real alternative to flying, I took the overnight-overday-over-it-now train. 24 hours up, 21 hours back (Coffs Harbour is north of Melbourne so of course it is downhill on the way back ;-). It was quite a trip, but I’m not sure I’d be able to do the same thing for next year’s on the Gold Coast, as my limit of being in close proximity to the general public is about a day…(on the way back the guy in front of me was picking his teeth with the safety card…eeeuw).

The main event is the awards night, and the winners were:

Comic Strip Cartoonist sponsored by The Daily Telegraph -Tony Lopes
Tony’s popular cartoon strip Insanity Streak appears in many Australian newspapers and overseas. 

Caricaturist sponsored by The Australian – David Rowe
His editorial and caricature work is seen in the Australian Financial Review.

Humorous Illustrator sponsored by Viscopy – George Haddon
Melboourne-based George Haddon’s unique watercolour style was a hit with ACA members.

Single Gag Cartoonist sponsored by Cengage – Matt Golding
Multiple Stanley Award winner, Matt’s work also appears in The Sunday Age.

Digital Illustrator sponsored by Wacom – Pat Campbell
Pat contributes to The Canberra Times. 

Editorial/Political Cartoonist sponsored by The Sydney Morning Herald – Jon Kudelka
The Hobart-based editorial cartoonist contributes regularly to The Australian and The Mercury.

Cartoonist of the Year sponsored by The Herald Sun – David Rowe.
This is David’s second consecutive Gold Stanley Award.

The ACA also awarded the coveted Jim Russell Award for contribution to cartooning to Jim Bridges from Melbourne.

So… another year of white, male newspaper cartoonists! But, in the ACA’s defence, there aren’t many women in the club. I met 3 female cartoonists on the weekend (Judy Nadin, Judy Horacek and someone whose name escapes me – contact me if you are reading this!) and that is probably representative. There were 70 cartoonists there.

I didn’t take my camera on the night (I have a tendency to lose electronic equipment when drunk…), but here are a few photos from the rest of the weekend:


  1. Dang, looks like a good time. If there’s a train from Union Station, I’ll try and make it next year.

    Borgman is a good guy alright.

  2. Just follow the yellow brick road from platform 9 and a half….

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