Posted by: ahallatt | November 30, 2008


I love the writing of George Monbiot on what we should be doing to prevent runaway climate change. His arguments are well researched, lucid and inspiring, but even he seems to be giving up hope:

Is it too late? To say so is to make it true. To suggest that there is nothing that can now be done is to ensure that nothing is done. But even a resolute optimist like me finds hope ever harder to summon. A new summary of the science published since last year’s Intergovernmental Panel report suggests that – almost a century ahead of schedule – the critical climate processes might have begun(2).

At least he ends:

Can we do it? Search me. Reviewing the new evidence, I have to admit that we might have left it too late. But there is another question I can answer more easily. Can we afford not to try? No we can’t. 

We have to be hope that we CAN do it, because the alternative approach is absolute failure. I am optimistic about the future when I think how much we are not able to predict in terms of our technological capabilities. By taking an aggressive approach to mitigating the effects of global warming we are buying time for future innovation.

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