Posted by: ahallatt | January 29, 2009

Heatwave causes power cuts

Another stinking hot day yesterday and today is predicted to get to 43 degrees again. I biked over to see a friend of mine at lunch and that was definitely preferable to taking the tram. The trains are a mess – 40 have already been cancelled tomorrow, many because the air-conditioning has failed and they don’t have windows which open! Duh. In the afternoon, the electricity company cut off the power to thousands of homes because of the increase in load on the network. Including mine. Very annoying when you are in the middle of working on strips on the computer. Also annoying as I am not one of the ones putting a strain on the network with air-conditioning.

This morning, more drama: a power line has come down in the street and it’s live. This means the police are staked out in front of my flat until it can be fixed. I wish they wouldn’t sit in their car with the air-conditioning going, but the windows open…

the stakeout

the stakeout



Meanwhile, my flat is at 29 degrees and the walls are warming…


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