Posted by: ahallatt | January 29, 2009

Heatwave continues

It was 28 degrees C overnight. My flat is keeping its cool, mostly (I don’t have, or want, air-conditioning and I have a retro fan bought at a garage sale which may have to be switched on for the first time if it gets hotter), but is still at 27 degrees. Outside, it is over 30 and predicted to go over 40 again today.

trying to keep cool by the beach

trying to keep cool by the beach



I met up with Jason Chatfield and Paul Gilligan for coffee in the city yesterday. Good cartoonist chit-chat and made the (always reassuring) discovery that PG draws Pooch Cafe as small as I draw Arctic Circle: ie. small enough to fit on a regular-sized flatbed scanner. Anyway, after our coffee and a stint in the library next door, I prepared to head home. My tram ride up had been hot and slow (even though it was 43 degrees, I think I would have been happier cycling), so I walked home… via the beach and a swim… and a stop in a pub called the Maori Chief Hotel. A good diversion.


  1. I wondered where you’d got to! Seems you took the better option of the beach, where I took the rail-bucklingly hot train ride home 🙂

  2. I cycled to Carnegie today (about 7km) around midday and didn’t keel over, so I’m ready for anything now!

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