Posted by: ahallatt | February 7, 2009

Blenders, Toasters and the Heat

It is predicted to get up to the mid forties again. I’ll be pressing my blender into service to make ice cold smoothies. I love my blender. When I moved to Melbourne, I had made the mistake of buying a new blender to make smoothies (I couldn’t find a good manual way to do it) and the motor burnt out within a couple of weeks. I then bought a bar mix with a better motor, but it blew up with  a disturbing flash and a puff of smoke! I found this reconditioned old (1970s?) blender in one of my favourite second hand shops in Gertrude Street, Industria. It was only $10 less than the brand new one I had bought for $55, but I’ve had it for several months and it is going strong with no smell of burning (being a bad sign, when using electrical equipment, methinks).

The toaster in the background is a Morphy Richards one which weighs a ton and was made in England. I bought it in an op shop in Mount Maunganui in 2004 and the salesperson said that it had been brought in by someone who had got it as a wedding present and they had just had their 50th anniversary! The element burnt out a couple of years ago, but I was able to find a chap who had the parts to repair it. He said it would be cheaper to buy a new toaster, but I insisted on paying whatever it cost to keep the old one. He then charged me $25 and I don’t think that even covered his time, but we both felt good about keeping it working!

my old blender

my old blender



Now I wish I could find someone who would repair broken umbrellas. I heard of one American chap who would save up all those kind of cheap broken things and take them to India where they could be repaired economically.

one of my human culls to make the world a better place

one of my human culls to make the world a better place



There is something warped in our economy when it is cheaper to buy something new from overseas than to have something old repaired at home.



  1. Nice hat Ales! 🙂

  2. (alex)

  3. Aha, you noticed my cunning disguise!

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