Posted by: ahallatt | March 16, 2009


I’m lucky that I live in a well-insulated flat. Even though the temperature outside has been all over the shop lately (from a chilly 8 degrees to about 30 over the course of a fortnight), I don’t have to heat or cool the flat right now, beyond the action of drawing blinds or opening windows. My friend, Paul is not so lucky. He has been living in a “villa”, which over here means a old house built mostly of timber and with a corrugated steel roof. Very draughty and cold at night, especially. Central heating is still somewhat of a novelty in Australia and NZ, especially in older homes, so he has been suffering!

The trouble with renting a place is that you can only do so much to weatherise it. If politicians are serious about reducing emissions, they should make sure that landlords insulate their rental homes.

Oscar weatherises the igloo

Oscar weatherises the igloo

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