Posted by: ahallatt | April 14, 2009

Syndicate Going Green(er)

The major syndicates get thousands of comic strip submissions every year (in the case of my syndicate, King Features, they get about 5000). Out of those thousands of strips, they are lucky if they can launch 2 or 3 of them. So that is a lot of wasted paper, not to mention the energy and money used to post them.

Universal Press Syndicate has just announced that it is going totally digital and won’t be accepting posted submissions from October. From the first of that month, it will be email only. 


An electronic submission process has several benefits, says John Glynn, vice president of rights and acquisitions for Universal Press. Creators will save money on postage and time packaging their submissions, and the speed of delivery will allow for a quicker response time.

“I think it will streamline the process and help us track submissions on a more timely basis, not to mention saving the sender on postage,” says Glynn.


And it’s also less wasteful. Way to go, UPS – I’m sure the other syndicates will be soon to follow.


Lenny the lemming gets the message on not wasting paper

Lenny the lemming gets the message on not wasting paper

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