Posted by: ahallatt | April 21, 2009

Water Charging in Melbourne

I rent, so my water bill is pretty low, as I only pay for what I use (53 litres per day last quarter: the Melbourne target is 155 litres and that is more than the average Brit uses. Maybe Aussies take a lot more showers!). The Age is reporting that water bills are going to rise. A lot. If this is the case, I hope that that rise applies just to the variable amount charged for water use and not to the standing charge. I’ll get charged more (last quarter I was charged about ten dollars), but at least the big users might think about cutting their consumption. And I hope they don’t let heavy industries off the hook.


Like Oscar, I like baths, but I siphon off the bath water and use it to flush the loo and water the non-edible bit of my garden.


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