Posted by: ahallatt | April 22, 2009

Tourism of Doom

28 Nations have agreed to limit tourism to Antarctica, according to MSNBC, via the daily green:

Tourists to these areas can play an important role: Relaying to family, friends and elected officials their impressions of both the beauty of the landscape, and the imminent threat posed by global warming. But too many tourists can also do their own damage, and that’s what this treaty is designed to avoid.

My question is: how many  is “too many”? Personally, I think that the questionable benefits (does seeing photos of someone’s holiday make you want to preserve that place, or does it just make you want to go and see it before it’s gone?)  do not outweigh the risks and that one tourist is one too many. We should leave Antarctica to necessary scientists (rather than those on a bit of a jolly) and the wildlife. tourismofdoom


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