Posted by: ahallatt | May 4, 2009

A Good Weekend

Saturday was a gorgeous day. A chilly start had me at Tiffany’s cafe with a cappuccino and the paper, scanning the garage sale notices. I then stopped off at Elwood Primary School market and scored some barely worn second hand shoes (one sketched below), some very locally-grown lemons and (a treat!), flowers from Victoria. Then I scooted on down to the St Kilda Farmer’s market (I wish it wasn’t on the same day as Elwood) and stocked up on more local produce. Particularly excited about my splurge ($18) on a mushroom-growing kit. Hopefully, I’ll have home-grown portabellos in a few weeks!


I got my exercise pedaling around the garage sales. One in Toorak (fancy suburb, unbelievably big, crazy-looking houses, as well as units like the one that was having the sale) was brilliant (deceased estates are bittersweet) and I emerged with a massive wooden chopping board (to replace the one I bought from Ikea when I moved here, which is falling apart after 10 months!), coat-hangers, an old nutcracker and a variety of pencils in a sweet little cigar box.


Part of the Toorak garage sale haul

Part of the Toorak garage sale haul

I cycled home via the Yarra River bike trail. Beautiful and I really love the bit that is almost at water level.

Yarra River bike path

Yarra River bike path

I got a bit of work done before pedaling over to see my friends in Carnegie for a great meal and a better-than-expected movie (Taken).

On Sunday, I putzed around and met up with my friend Pearl before getting some work done. In the afternoon, I went to one of my favourite venues (Pure Pop Records) and listened to the enthralling sounds of Jez Mead. Best guitar-playing I’ve seen there and it reminded me of Al Stewart in his early days (“Orange” etc). A nice break to the day before I got more work down and then settled down to watch Seinfeld reruns, with homemade pizza.

Jez Mead

Jez Mead

Jez Mead at Pure Pop Records

Jez Mead at Pure Pop Records

The exciting life of an internationally syndicated cartoonist, eh?!

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