Posted by: ahallatt | May 20, 2009

What do Americans use to sooth bee stings?


On the trail of calamine

On the trail of calamine

This rough got rejected this week because Americans don’t associate calamine with bee stings. I suggested a few other things – TCP, Savlon and Germalene, but all are too British. Any idea what would work in the last panel? I love this subject of bee rustlers (I imagine them on little horses with tiny lassos…)!


  1. Honey.

  2. What would drip as you hoist a beehive from its moorings?

    Who would be an ideal candidate to rustle honey?

    I hope you don’t “Pooh” any of this.

  3. Hmmm… would there be a smoke trail? Or just dead bees &/or their tiny little stingers?

  4. Wow, if honey works, that is poetic justice!

    • Oh – I thought the decline was in the # of honey bees – the species used by beekeepers in portable hives for pollenization since Africanized bees are more difficult to handle (more violent / poisonous sting).

      I wasn’t thinking of honey in terms of a salve, but as a metaphor for blood. But I guess that would go beyond light humor and into the gruesome.

      Good luck.

      • Aha… yes, I try to steer away from the gruesome

  5. baking soda & vinegar — very American…

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