Posted by: ahallatt | May 21, 2009

Black to black

I’ve had this discussion a fair bit with cartoonists and haven’t really resolved it. Black and white dailies are simple, but when you colour up strips, you have to be really careful with blacks. They are supposed to be 100 percent black (K) with no colour in them (I’m self-taught on this and no expert, but if you want a rich black, you add in some colour to the mix, some  C, M and Y to the K). Ok. But the underlying colour has to overlap a bit (again, I’m experimenting and recently moved from 3 to 4 pixels of overlap) because any mis-registration will cause a white line to appear.

The problem is that solid areas of blacks (like the back of Ed in the strip below) look washed out and dull grey. It’s annoying on screen, but worse in print on high quality paper stock (eg book reprints). And then it looks even worse if you paint too much colour under the black (sometimes happens with their beaks) or if you make a boo boo like below with the pasted Mona Lisa…


Etch-a-sketch masterpiece.... or not

Etch-a-sketch masterpiece.... or not

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