Posted by: ahallatt | June 3, 2009

Busy-ness and World Environment Day

This is the busiest I’ve been in years. In addition to the relentless demands of a daily strip, I have a couple of interesting commissions on. One is a Flash animation for a company advertisement. It was supposed to be “quick and dirty”, but it has become slower and cleaner than I’d like. Still, they are nice clients, the end of the tunnel is in sight and the final result should be a lot of fun.

The other commission is a leaflet for a pharmaceutical company. Again, another lovely client (who actually has a real visual sense) and it’s been great to work on something where I actually get to use my biochemistry degree, as I understand all the jargon for a change.

part of the front cover of the leaflet - antibody on the loose!

part of the front cover of the leaflet - antibody on the loose!

Apart from that, I’m also preparing for World Environment Day (liking the web site’s daily tips).Having done the Sustainable Living At Home course, I was asked whether I’d give a presentation on being an “environmental champion”! I can’t do that, but I am attempting to explain how I get environmental issues into Arctic Circle cartoons without being preachy or depressing.

“The event will also showcase local action across Port Phillip. “Speed date” your way around short stories and presentations from our amazing community environment groups and champion residents, from 6.45- 7.30pm.”

It’s open to everyone, so come along!

World Environment Day, 
Friday June 5, 
4pm – 8pm,
St Kilda Town Hall

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