Posted by: ahallatt | June 3, 2009

Sunday Arts and Chris Jordan

I watched some vodcasts of Sunday Arts last night. It’s a great program, as it exposes me to art that I might not otherwise take an interest in (eg. contemporary dance) and there is always something really inspiring on it.

One segment I really took an interest in and was inspired by was the interview with Chris Jordan. He uses incredibly detailed (and big!) composite photographs to critique modern society (such as the fact there are 2.3 million Americans in jail – the highest number and percentage of any country).

His latest works explore the subject of our massively wasteful consumer society (click on the photos to see bigger and better ones on his web site). 


Chris Jordan Photograph

Chris Jordan Photograph "Gyre"

Detail of Chris Jordan photograph

Detail of Chris Jordan photograph

Trash can be made beautiful, but not when it is in situ at the Pacific Gyre…

Gordo imagines the future

Gordo imagines the future

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