Posted by: ahallatt | June 23, 2009

I’m not turning vegetarian again, but…

One of the best ways to lower your carbon footprint is to eat less meat. I eat very little meat at home, but when I do, I aim to buy meat from animals that have had a good life. We went the the Wheelers Hill Farmers Market at the weekend and bought a free range chicken that tasted fantastic. With respect to the animal, we are using all the leftovers from that roast and I have a pot on the stove making stock from the carcass (for years I was petrified to do so, considering it to be a big chore, but it is ridiculously easy and the stock makes great soup, or freezes well). Our local butcher sells free range bacon and ham that they make, but I’ve been finding it hard to source other preserved products like prosciutto. We were talking about this with a free range pig farmer at the market and her creative suggestion was to make our own. Great idea, but I don’t think a pig would last long hanging in a one bedroom flat shared with my boyfriend and….a Jack Russell Terrier….

Shortly after that conversation, we encountered this pig, who was being led around the market to raise awareness about how 95% of pigs are raised in factory farms in Australia and they don’t see the light of day until they go off to the abattoir. Caging intelligent animals like this shouldn’t be legal.

Pig from Edgar's Mission

Pig from Edgar's Mission

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