Posted by: ahallatt | July 6, 2009

Eco Monday Cartoon

Hector heats up the Arctic

Hector heats up the Arctic


I know they aren’t the biggest part of the problem but I really loathe these patio heaters. It seems absurd that given the knowledge we have about the link between burning of fossil fuels and climate change, we should continue to burn natural gas to heat OUTSIDE….


  1. Am I glad I found you.
    Great blog, and i love you Motto: “Caring about the environment should be fun”

    In simple terms, for the Arctic, and next generation, Project Seanergy means a Billion tons less CO2 for next generation and Billions $ in savings ! We even have an easy way to act for people by donating the equivalent of one Hamburger. Just to show how simple it is to fix things.

    I have one favor to ask: Maybe you have an image that would fit the text of our post tittled

    Big Boats means No Pollution in Zero Fossil Fuel Zone (ZFFZ).

    This posts end with the following text:

    “…our current reckless disregard for consequences can be compared to the one of grandparents visiting their grandchildren and stowing a heater in their freezer just before leaving. Since they figure that they won’t be around when it’s time to mop up the place, and since this gesture seemed like a practical—yet half-baked—solution to their immediate needs, they are convinced that their grandchildren will not curse them. Nor will they wonder how come this happened to them and what they did to deserve such faith…”

    Thank you and take care.

    Stefan for Project seanergy

  2. Let us not settle for the status quo, but instead be visionary, creative and bold. ,

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