Posted by: ahallatt | August 7, 2009

Animation for Hewlett Packard

I did some animation work for a company  in Sydney (whose client was Hewlett Packard). I was disappointed by one of the cuts they made (you can see the original on my web site), but they liked the result so much that they converted it into banner ads, which have been appearing on Australian web sites.

Hewlett Packard adopted the animation for use on Australian sites

Hewlett Packard adopted the animation for use on Australian sites

NB: HP have been getting a bit of stick from Greenpeace lately on their delays in phasing out hazardous chemicals, though I think that they have the right intentions.It is a difficult process and one that all companies should be addressing. HP responded as follows

“For decades HP has been a leader in environmental responsibility and has adopted practices in product development, operations and supply chain that are transparent and help to reduce its environmental impact. HP has a comprehensive approach to environmental sustainability, with three main components: minimising our impact; helping our customers to improve their environmental performance; and driving towards a sustainable, low-carbon economy.

“This commitment includes reducing the use of BFR/PVC in our products until these materials are eliminated entirely. HP has introduced several new computing products this year that use less BFR/PVC than previous generations. This September, HP will release a BFR/PVC-free notebook. By fall 2010 all new commercial PC products released will be BFR/PVC-free. By the end of 2011, all new PC products released will be free of BFR/PVCs.

“The unconstructive antics at HP’s headquarters today did nothing to advance the goals that all who care about the environment share. HP will continue its efforts to develop new products and programmes around the globe that help the company, its business partners and customers conserve energy, reduce materials use and reduce waste through responsible reuse and recycling. HP supports industry efforts to eliminate BFR and PVC because of potential e-waste issues. HP is a worldwide leader in e-waste recycling. HP has recycled 1 billion pounds of electronic products from 1987 to 2007 and has committed to recycling another billion pounds between 2008 and 2011.”

Which makes me feel a lot better about having worked for them.


  1. Brilliant.

  2. Thanks for that.

    I’m happy with how the animation turned out overall and certainly learned a lot along the way (including to take the amount of time you think an animation should take and double it for a corporate client….)

  3. Congrats Alex, hope you get to do more!

  4. Thanks, Jonathan!

  5. I checked out the uncut version and laughed out loud. Great pacing on it. Lovely work Alex.

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