Posted by: ahallatt | September 5, 2008


It was great to have a couple of weeks off and to explore Melbourne and around with the boyf. He was most interested in seeking out new food and wine places, but he humoured my desire to go into justabout every second-hand bookshop, op shop and antique store we came across. At the end of the fortnight, I had amassed quite a collection of things, including a galvanised watering can for the plants which have survived the possums and an old-fashioned telephone (which I probably won’t be using for those long international numbers). But the highlight for me was finding two boxes of nibs and a wonderful holder ($10 each box, $5 each pen holder) in an antique shop in the Yarra Valley. Can’t wait to try them out.


check out the gorgeous pen holder at the bottom

check out the gorgeous pen holder at the bottom


my classic telephone

rhubarb, watering can, lemon tree and coriander. and yes, that stuff in the background STILL has to be unpacked...

a bonus find on the street - put out for the hard rubbish, the only thing wrong with it is a small hole that I could repair if I ever get around to it, but probably won't

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