Posted by: ahallatt | July 31, 2008

Beware of Fridges

I had my regular chat with BB today and most of my roughs got through unscathed, with two notable exceptions. The first was an unfortunate casualty, since I liked the carbon risk angle, but I understood why stabbing people with pencils might not go down well.

But I was floored by the rejection of this next rough. My editor told me that KF made the mistake some years ago of distributing a cartoon showing a kid hiding in a fridge and that was met with howls of indignant protest, as many children have died from being stuck inside fridges. Boyf confirmed this, saying this used to happen with the old fridges that have the lever handle(on the outside, but no way out from the inside) rather than the magnetic seal. How awful.


  1. Yeah, I remember this story. They opened the fridge door to find this poor kid dead inside. He’d been stabbed in the head with a pencil.

  2. Oh dear, that was a bit sick wasn’t it. I do apologise.

  3. Ha ha – and there was I about to say that you gave me a rare laugh-out-loud moment there…

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